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Paul Graber, return to the Atari and Classic Gaming Page. Return to my Homepage. Help expand it, e.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was a game developed by Howard, scott Warshaw based on the film of the same name and released by. Atari for the Atari 2600 video game system in 1982. Post it here, and share it with the large community of video-interested users. And - you are guaranteed to find more very good videos here already! Mind you, we only share videos you discover that someone else has made; if you "self link by posting a video you have made, have posted or have interests in, you risk the ban. The sift is NOT for promoting your own videos - it is for sharing videos others have made. Submit a Video Now ».

Go all the way to your original starting point. Take the ladder and go left. Upon exit go left until you come to the second left ladder, a ladder which will let you go left. It was widely considered a poorly produced and rushed game that Atari thought would sell purely based on brand loyalty to the names of. Atari and E.T. Instead, the game fared horribly and cost Atari millions of US dollars. Have you seen a really funny, surprising, scary, interesting, cute or in any other way extra good quality video? Post and share it here - VideoSift is the best video aggregator on the Web, where we share, discuss, promote, and interact with the best videos out there on the web. The game just stops when you get the last treasure. Maybe I am the first to do this. I doubt it. Anyway here is how I did it. First start out by going right to the 7th screen where the first gold bar is.

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