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Kassim Sheik Mohamoud, owner of a garage in Mogadishu who hid when the fighting began, then braved the streets to bury the dead. A look at Kassim's garage today Abdikarim Mohamud, a secretary for a U.S.

Abdullahi "Firimbi" Hassan, a propaganda minister for the Aidid clan who stayed with captive pilot Michael Durant during his captivity. Firimbi talks about Durant's captivity Chief Warrant Officer Ray Frank, Durant's co-pilot on Super 64 and veteran helicopter pilot.

Chief Warrant Officer Donovan Briley, co-pilot of Super 61, the first Blackhawk shot down in the battle. Sgt. First Class Bart Bullock, a Delta Force medic assigned to Chalk Four. Staff Sgt. Sgt. First Class Al Lamb, 32, a Ranger who roped in to Cliff Wolcott's crash site from the combat search-and-rescue Blackhawk. Spec. Phil Lepre, 24, of Philadelphia, a 10th Mountain Division soldier who joined in the rescue effort.

John Burns, a Ranger from Philadelphia who rode on the main ground convoy. Pfc. Tory Carlson, a 20-year-old Ranger from Scottsdale, Ariz., who was assigned to a humvee with the main ground convoy in the initial assault.

Super 62 was supposed to be paired with Super 64. Private Second Class Mark Good, a medic assigned to Chalk Four. Sgt. Mike Goodale, 23, of Pekin, Ill. He was assigned to Chalk One. Master Sgt. Tim 'Grizz' Martin, 38, a veteran Delta medic from Aurora Dearborn, Indiana. Pvt. First Class Kevin Matthews, a Ranger assigned to the vehicle platoon. Lt. Col. Danny McKnight, commander of the ground convoy in the initial assault. Frank survived a bad crash on a practice mission several years before. Sgt. Scott Galentine, 21, of Xenia, Ohio. He was assigned to Chalk Four. Sgt. First Class Bob Gallagher, a platoon sergeant assigned to the Ranger vehicle platoon.

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