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Please note that you will be asked to register with us in order to obtain the free books. 9. Documentation on Tibetan/Bhutanese marks and signs: The PDF file here contains information about marks and signs being considered for inclusion into the Tibetan Unicode 3.0 standard.  The typefaces are unicoded.  For full information see here. Download 7. Images Including for Pecha-making See  here for a variety of free images, some of which are particularly useful for making pecha with  TibetDoc. Download Just download the file, uncompress it, and install the needed fonts using the usual methods (there is no need to install the ones you do not need).  The TibetanMachineUnicode font is a single font, the Tibetan Machine font set in TCC encoding has five fonts in it, and the TibetanMachineWeb font set has ten fonts in it.  The unicode typeface is a standard Opentype TTF typeface; it works on all platforms that fully support Opentype fonts such as all versions of Windows from Windows XP on, all versions of Macintosh OSX from 10.5, Linux, and so on. If you are not sure what to do, install the package into Windows Vista or later.  When you type in the lookup program, you will see that symbols instead of letters appear. 

You can read more about all of our Tibetan typefaces  here.  Of them, the standard workhorse font "Tibetan Machine" has been made available for free.  You read about the typeface in the documentation included with the download file or  here. There is other information in the manuals about typing Tibetan and so on which also should be useful. Documentation: download main documentation for WordPerfect for Windows, zipped PDF file download main documentation for Word for Windows, zipped PDF file Pecha Templates: Pecha templates are not the way to make pecha any longerTibetDoc makes pecha making push-button simple. The  sitemap is also very useful in that regard. To read these texts, you will need either TibetD Reader or TibetDoc.  If you do not have either one, use our free TibetD Reader available  on this page to read them.

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